Reality of Cloud Computing

Recently at work I was listening to a phone conference with some users regarding new programming my team was doing, and one of the remote participants (a user) mentioned something about how they were uploading a spreadsheet to a web site for sharing needed information.

When asked what web site they were uploading to, the answer was "Google Docs."

This came as a surprise, and forced a recognition of how individuals and teams use information technology these days. This was an example of individual workers taking initiative to use technology that exists for everybody.  Nobody else knew they were doing it, because no request came through to have something bought, installed, or configured. They were able to implement a needed solution by themselves. An IT manager was so unneeded that there was no knowledge that this had been done at all.

One can argue various points that are raised with this example, such as security, control, and reliability. But the reality of cloud computing is here, like it or not. IT workers are going to have to work with it, because it is not possible to fight it. The users have won the war, and they are more productive because of it. The only thing left for IT professionals may be to declare a truce and manage the peace.