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The Secret

There is some kind of new age thing about "the secret" or "the law of attraction" that says your success or failure in life is based on your positive or negative thinking. Apparently this is something that was promoted on the Oprah television program.  (Long essay here.)

Wow, give me a break! This is not only silly, but it can be dangerous. The proponents of this garbage say that to get something, you just have to want it. Yeah? Then why are so many people starving in the world? Maybe those hungry people really don't want to eat?

This concept is just a way for some people to promote useless books and to hold rip off seminars where people pay money to hear this kind of junk. Try this Google search to see how prevalent this is.  (Of course, not everybody falls for this.)

And what the hell is a "Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator"?  

I hope there are not a lot of business persons into this. If there are, it could certainly be a part of the explanation for our current recession (as of January, 2009). And if you think about it, is the recession due to people wanting to be unemployed, to have their houses foreclosed on, etc.?

Now what happens if a guy want to have sex with a hot babe, and that hot babe doesn't want to have sex with him? Who wins? Or does the universe suddenly rip itself apart because the "universal law" fails to work for one of them?

The Skeptic's Dictionary has an analysis. And there is a scathing attack at Skeptic Rant.

review of a movie that is based on this trash (or the first 20 minutes of it) leaves me astounded.