Silly Games at Work

Does your boss treat you like you are in kindergarten and make you play children's games at work? At my workplace, I've had to play Bingo, hula hoop, tossing eggs around, naming animals while throwing nerf balls, Pictionary, and other things like that. And you know what? My work never improved a bit because of all that. Even though these activities were billed as team building, teamwork didn't improve, either.

Somehow the blockheads who impose this humiliating experience on their workers never seem to notice that it's worthless--it fails to add any value. It doesn't make people better workers, and when the games are over, teams that have been fighting each other resume their fighting.

Why do so many executives and managers look for "solutions" like this? I think it's because they are unable to actually lead, or instill productive work habits. They rely on something like magic pills as a substitute for effective leadership. That's a nice way of saying they are incompetent and stupid.

Now, about those Bingo games.  This is a plea to all the brilliant business leaders who think they are above average in setting priorities and allocating resources. The next time you require your workers to play Bingo, at least be smart enough to plan and allocate enough game pieces so people don't have to dig in their pockets for coins to use as markers. When you come up short like that, it's very instructive as to your own abilities as a leader. It means your workers are able to improvise to overcome your shortcomings as a so called leader. Whatever problem you are trying to address by having people play Bingo, the problem lies not with your workers, but lies with you and your incompetence. If you can't do any better than this, then do your workers a favor, and stay home so they can get their work done without having to deal with you and your stupidity. In case you don't get the point, I'll put it to you this way:

If your Bingo game is a demonstration of how you think things should be at work, then why do you show openly that you refuse to allocate the needed resources to enable your workers in the first place? Why do you show how stupid a leader you are?

Team building seems to be big business. Try this search and see. Hey, business leaders, here are a lot of things you can waste your company's money on in your search for more insulting activities for your workers!

I think one of the reason executives and managers like this type of nonsense is that they see people playing Bingo, tossing eggs around, and naming animals, and they feel proud that they could motivate people to do such things. The problem with that thinking is that that it's wrong. If people wanted to engage in that kind of bullshit they would already be doing it. They don't do it because they are motivated or inspired to do it. They do it because the boss requires it. These activities prove nothing about the boss, except that people will follow his orders to keep their jobs.

I believe that when a manager or executive puts his workers through this type of absurdity, it is for two reasons:
  1. He is stupid.
  2. He thinks you are stupid.
Why do business owners tolerate bosses like these?