Manipulating Workers

Many bosses fall for the idea that there is some secret formula for leadership success other than talent and work. (This belief is usually held by leaders who have no talent and have no idea how work gets done.) Often the formula they settle on is nothing more than bullying. Consider the following statement that I actually heard once at a company wide meeting to justify treating people badly in the workplace:

Some of you have asked why I push so hard. It's easy. What happens to a race horse when you don't push him? He becomes worthless!

Is that a leader? I submit it's an incompetent fool who has no clue how to lead people and has to resort to kicking them in the ass as a leadership technique. It only takes a boob to tell workers they are worthless unless his boot is up their anus. Where is the talent in that? That's a person who can be replaced by anybody in the world. (And should be replaced.)

Of course, outright abuse is not the only manipulative technique that clueless leaders use. There are others, but they are subtler only by a small degree, and they equally rely on the mistaken notion that workers are too stupid to see through them.

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