Getting Rid of Good Workers

You might be thinking, "Is this a typo? Getting Rid of Good Workers? Doesn't this guy mean Getting Rid of BAD Workers?"

No, I meant what I said. Sadly, many leaders, executives, managers, etc., are so pitiful in their abilities and so insecure that they cannot tolerate any competent people around them. So they get rid of the people who are smarter, or better workers, than they are. To them, a competent worker is a threat. For them, getting rid of good workers is not always the result of misjudging a worker's contribution, but is a calculated strategy to promote their own standing in the organization.

Hey, the easiest way to insure that you are the smartest in the organization is to make sure there are no smart people in the organization! What better way to elevate your relative worth than to get rid of valuable workers?

Getting rid of good workers is often preceded with a plan. The plan includes abuse, lying, and outright slander of the good workers you want to fire. You can't just walk into a place and start firing people, or everybody will be wondering why you are giving the ax to good workers. You have to build your case.

Applying pressure is usually the first step, where you become so abusive you hope the good workers leave, and the ass kissing incompetent workers remain. But that doesn't always work, and the good people just keep hanging on, doing good work in the face of your attempts to destroy their value--in that case, hope is not lost. You simply start lying about the good people, getting the ass kissing crew on your side, and then you fire the competent ones. Then you can bask in the praise your ass kissers heap on you for making such a courageous decision.

A good leader embraces workers even if they are smarter than him. A bad leader gets rid of them, and somebody needs to get rid of that leader.