Excuses, excuses

Incompetent business leaders tend to have many excuses for their failures. The most common is to blame their workers. This excuse is often employed even by leaders who boast about their ability to find and hire good workers. Once the workers are hired, and the leader screws things up, he says something like "it's hard to find good people."

Now let's be honest. If it's that person's job to find people, why can he not find good people like his counterparts in competing businesses can? The lack of good workers in the job market is not the reason competitors are kicking butt! It's the inability to attract good workers that is the reason. And that inability is the complaining leader's personal failure. It's not a failure of the workers at all. If your competitors have good workers and you don't, then the inability to attract them is your failing.

If you treat your workers like dirt, pay them dirt, bad mouth them, make their work day miserable--well, think about why "it's hard to find good people." If that's you, then you have your answer. The fault lies with you, and you should stop making crybaby excuses for your shortcomings. Maybe you need to be replaced, but you can take consolation in the fact that it's easy to find people like you, so you will be in the company of like minded people in the unemployment line. Maybe even that sounds depressing. If so, take comfort that there are many businesses willing to hire incompetent leaders like you and the millions of others exactly like you who have been unable to distinguish themselves in positive ways.

Yeah, I know. You think you are unique, your talents are exceptional, you are a wonderful judge of workers, and you can motivate anybody to new heights of productivity. You just have bad luck in hiring one bad worker after another from the same labor pool where your competition gets its workers. Is it possible that you simply don't measure up, and never will?